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The Humbled Sinner Resolved What He Should Do to Be Saved (Sedgwick)

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The Northampton Press

Obadiah Sedgwick was a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. In this first modern reprint, he takes us carefully through the process of salvation, particularly what faith is, the importance of preaching, the danger of unbelief, and how saving faith may be obtained.


Table of Contents: 

Preface - Joel R. Beeke

1. The Dependence of the Words

2. The Opening of the Words With the Several Doctrines in the Text

3. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ The Only Way to Salvation

4. What Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ Imports

5. Faith in Christ Described

6. The Object of Justifying Faith

7. To Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Is the Only Way to be Saved

8. The Preaching and Hearing of the Gospel Is of Singular Use

9. Justification Only in Jesus Christ

10. The Difficulty of Believing in Jesus Christ

11. The Facility of Error and Mistake About Believing

12. The Sure and Dangerous Misery of Unbelief

13. Rules for the Discovery of Faith 

14. Singular Comfort for All True Believers

15. The Agreement and Difference of Strong and Weak Faith

16. Exhortations to Labor For Saving Faith

17. Living by Faith

18. The Improvement of Faith to a Full Assurance



Obadiah Segwick (1600-1658) became a preacher at Coggleshall in Essex. Upon the commencement of the civil wars he went to London and was often called upon to preach before the Parliament. In 1643 he was chosen as one of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. 

In 1646 he became preacher at St. Paul's, Covent Garden. He was instrumental in the conversion of many souls. 



"This is a solidly Reformed and typically Puritan rich exposition of the staple doctrines of personal salvation. It is a masterpiece of vital, experiential Christianity." — Dr. Joel Beeke