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The Forgiveness of Sin: A Practical Exposition of Psalm 130 (Owen)

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The book opens with the author's own paraphrase of Psalm 130, a brief devotional classic in itself.

Nineteen chapters and subtopics explore the depth of meaning in the "Pslams of Forgiveness," comprising what is probably the best commentary ever written on this psalm. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Soul in the depths of sin
  2. Relief in God alone
  3. God’s Marking Iniquity
  4. Discovery of Forgiveness
  5. Nature of Forgiveness
  6. Support from Forgiveness
  7. Evidences of Forgiveness
  8. Evidence of Forgiveness – continued
  9. Evidence of Forgiveness – continued  
  10. Evidence of Forgiveness – continued
  11. Greatness of Forgiveness – Prevailing Unbelief
  12. Exhortation to the Belief of Forgiveness
  13. Rules for Obtaining Forgiveness
  14. Rules for Obtaining Forgiveness - continued  
  15. Hindrances to a sense of Forgiveness – Afflictions
  16. Hindrances to a sense of Forgiveness – ‘Am I Regenerated?’
  17. Earnest Waiting on God, the fruit of Forgiveness – Nature of this duty
  18. Waiting on God only
  19. Let all trust in the Lord – with him is Plenteous Redemption


John Owen (1616–1683), amongst the best known of the Puritans, was an English Puritan who served as vice-chancellor of Oxford University and pastor of congregations in Coggeshall and London. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day.