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The Mysteries of Christianity: Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended (Crawford)

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From the Introduction by Sinclair B. Ferguson

‘Mystery’ is a biblical word that over the years has been reduced in meaning. Taking on an atmosphere very different to the sense in which it was used for example by the apostle Paul. It is important therefore in opening these pages to realize that in discussing Christianity’s mysteries Crawford is dealing with realities that can be known by us only if God himself reveals them. They come to us recorded in the pages of Scripture, not as a result of our own abilities to engage in reasoning. Thus The Mysteries of Christianity is in essence an exposition and defence of Christianity as a supernatural, Trinitarian faith at the heart of which lie the mysteries of the incarnation, the atonement, the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, and the marvels of divine providence.

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Table of Contents: 

1 Subject of Discussion stated 1
  Mystery defined; misconceptions of it rectified 1
  Order of discussion proposed 8
  I) Doctrines which are mysterious from want of internal evidence 9
2 Recapitulation 27
  II) Doctrines which are mysterious from the transcendental nature of their subjects 30
3 How God may be said to ‘hide’ while revealing himself 58
  Any revelation from God may be expected to treat of mysteries 60
  III) Doctrines which are mysterious from the limited extent of their disclosures 63
4 Like mysteries emerge in philosophies and in theology 81
  IV) Doctrines which are mysterious from their apparent inconsistency with other doctrines 83
5 That ‘Where mystery begins, religion ends,’ is true in one sense 103
  But not true in the sense intended by those who allege it 104
  V) Mystery arising from the inadequacy of human language to express revealed truth 106
  VI) Mystery arising from the incapacity of fallen men to discern spiritual things 112
  Bearing of mystery on the interpretation of Scripture 123
6 The Doctrine of the Trinity 133
7 Union of Divine and Human Nature in the Person of Christ 153
8 The Doctrine of the Atonement 173
9 The Work of the Holy Spirit 197
10 The Purposes of God—the doctrine stated 227
11 The Purposes of God—the doctrine vindicated 251
12 Cautions against prying into things unrevealed 285
A Believing and Disbelieving 305
B Things above reason distinguished from things against reason 306
C Mysteries in mathematics 308
D Physical theory of life 310
E The unity of God 313
F Attempted explanations of the Trinity 314
G Moral Suasion 317
H Permissive purposes of God 323  
I Purposes of God respecting the non-elect 325