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The Sweet Bond of Christian Love (McCheyne)

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Christian Focus

Despite not living to see his 30th birthday, Robert Murray McCheyne’s impact on the spiritual life of Scotland was remarkable. This short collection of quotes gives readers a taste of the insight he had into spiritual things, and the clarity with which he expressed these truths. Also included is a short biography of McCheyne written by his contemporary, James Hamilton. At the back there is his famous plan for reading the whole Bible in a year, along with his instructions on how to use it and his explanation of why he compiled it.


Robert Murray McCheyne (1813 – 1843) has had a tremendous impact not only on the people of his generation but through his writings ever since. He died in his thirtieth year and in the seventh year of ministry while he was the pastor of St Peter’s Free Church. His epitaph describes him as a man who ‘was honoured by his Lord to draw many wanderers out of darkness into the path of life’.


I always come away from reading Robert Murray McCheyne feeling inspired, so it’s a delight to have his writing distilled in this little book. ‘The Sweet Bond Christian Love’ will stir your soul and renew your zeal for Jesus. -Tim Chester Author and senior faculty member, Crosslands Training

McCheyne lived a brief life, but he knew the mighty God of the Bible. Because he knew God, he feared him, even as he communed with him. He was humbled, and he desired, above all, to serve the Savior faithfully. These excerpts point us in the same direction—to the mighty God who communes with his people by his Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ. -Jonathan Master President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, South Carolina