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The Theology of Early French Protestantism: From the Affair of the Placards to the Edict of Nantes (Klauber, ed.)

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Martin I. Klauber and his troupe of capable historians survey the tumultuous era of the first three generations of French Protestantism. The first part of the book provides historical context, including chapters on the national synods of the French Reformed churches, the wars of religion, the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, the conversion of Henry IV, and the political views of the French Monarchomachs. The second part of the book takes a closer look at the lives and contributions of leading French reformers like Guillaume Farel, Nicolas des Gallers, John Calvin, Sebastian Castellio, Peter Ramus, Antoine de Chandieu, Simon Goulart, Theodore Beza, Pierre Viret, and Philippe du Plessis-Mornay. This collection provides a quality introduction to French Reformed theology in the sixteenth century.


Foreword —Richard A. Muller

Introduction —Martin I. Klauber

Part One: The Historical Background

  1. National Synods and French Reformed Polity —Glenn S. Sunshine
  2. The French Wars of Religion —Martin I. Klauber
  3. Une Horrible Boucherie on St. Bartholomew’s Day —Michael A. G. Haykin and Martin I. Klauber
  4. The Conversion of Henri IV —Lana Martysheva
  5. The French Monarchomachs —Martin I. Klauber

Part Two: Theology and Theologians

  1. Guillaume Farel’s Trinitarian Prayers —Theodore G. Van Raalte
  2. Nicholas des Gallars and the Colloquy of Poissy —Jeannine Olson
  3. John Calvin’s Use of Ambrose —Anthony Lane
  4. Sebastian Castellio in France and the Travail of Unwanted Advice —Gary W. Jenkins
  5. Peter Ramus in History and Theology —Donald K. McKim
  6. Antoine de Chandieu’s Quiet Opposition to the Jesuits —Theodore G. Van Raalte
  7. Simon Goulart’s Impact on the French Reformation —Karin Maag
  8. Theodore Beza, Reformer in Exile —Scott M. Manetsch
  9. Pierre Viret, Reformer on the Margins —Michael Bruening
  10. Philippe Duplessis-Mornay’s Use of Augustine —Martin I. Klauber


“In engaging and lucid prose, Martin Klauber and a team of early modern scholars have added a third and welcome volume of historical theology filling a significant scholarly gap on issues and figures in the development of the theology and confessional identity of sixteenth-century French Reformed churches. This volume is an important contribution to graduate seminars and sixteenth-century studies and will be a reference point in future studies.”

—Todd M. Rester, associate professor of church history, Westminster Theological Seminary

“The movements of reformation in sixteenth-century France were profound and vital but have too often been overlooked. The distinguished studies in this book deepen our understanding of the struggles of the Reformed there to build the church and of the work of its wisest leaders and theologians. A very valuable collection.”

—W. Robert Godfrey, president emeritus and professor emeritus of church history, Westminster Seminary California

About the Editor

Martin I. Klauber (PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison) is an affiliate professor of church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.