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The Works of Thomas Goodwin, 12 Volumes - Hardcover

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Thomas Goodwin was a prolific author and editor. During the 1630s he co-edited with John Ball the works of John Preston and Richard Sibbes. He began to publish his own sermons in 1636. Prior to his death, he had published at least twelve devotional works, most of which were collections of sermons. The fact that they were reissued forty-seven times indicates the high demand and wide circulation of his publications.

Most of Goodwin’s major theological writings were the fruit of his riper years and were published posthumously. His unusually large corpus of treatises display a pastoral and scholarly zeal rivaled by few Puritans. Goodwin represents the best of Puritanism in addressing the intellect, will, and heart. His writings reveal the vigor of earlier Puritans such as William Perkins and Richard Sibbes as well as the mature thought of later Puritan divines, supremely represented by Owen. If you want to grow in grace and have your soul fed on the deep things of God, buy and prayerfully read Goodwin’s Works.

Thomas Goodwin's works include:

  • An exposition of the Book of Revelation
  • Expositions of various portions of Ephesians
  • Christological treatises
  • A treatise on justification
  • And much more

 This printing is based on the Nichol's edition.

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Table of Contents:

Volume 1

  • An Exposition of Ephesians 1

Volume 2

  • An Exposition of Ephesians 2
  • An Exposition of Various Portions of Ephesians
  • Patience and Its Perfect Work

Volume 3

  • An Exposition of the Book of Revelation
  • Certain Select Cases Resolved
  • The Vanity of Thoughts Discovered

Volume 4

  • Christ Set Forth
  • The Heart of Christ in Heaven towards Sinners on Earth
  • Aggravation of Sin
  • Encouragements to Faith
  • The Glory of the Gospel
  • A Discourse of the Glory of the Gospel
  • The Knowledge of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ

Volume 5

  • Christ the Mediator
  • The Supereminence of Christ above Moses
  • The Reconciliation of the People of God by Christ’s Death
  • The One Sacrifice
  • Reconciliation by the Blood of Christ
  • Three Sermons on Hebrews 1:1–2

Volume 6

  • The Work of the Holy Ghost in Our Salvation

Volume 7

  • Of the Creatures, and the Condition of Their State by Creation
  • Of Gospel Holiness in the Hearts and Life
  • Of the Blessed State of Glory which the Saints Possess after Death
  • Three Several Ages of Christians in Faith and Obedience
  • Man’s Restoration by Grace
  • On Repentance

Volume 8

  • The Object and Act of Justifying Faith

Volume 9

  • A Discourse of Election
  • A Discourse of Thankfulness

Volume 10

  • An Unregenerate Man’s Guiltiness before God, in Respect of Sin and Punishment

Volume 11

  • The Constitution, Right Order, and Government of the Churches of Christ, etc.

Volume 12

  • Sermons and Notes of Sermons
  • Indexes



Thomas Goodwin (1600-1679) received his theological training at Cambridge University, and held the presidency of Magdalen College at Oxford University. He acted as a commissioner to the Westminster Assembly, and was also a prominent member of the Savoy Assembly of Congregational elders and messengers. He faithfully served as pastor to the Fetter Lane Independent Church in London until his death. 



“Thomas Goodwin was, along with Owen and Sibbes, among the greatest of the Puritans. Yet for all his greatness he is, sadly and strangely, hardly known today. That is lamentable, as his ministry was pervasively imbued with a distinctly comforting theme that is under-celebrated today, though present throughout all 12 volumes of his works: the heart of God and of Christ. This new hardback edition is a treasure to read, reread, and pass down through the generations.” — Dane Ortlund, senior pastor, Naperville Presbyterian Church