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The World Conquered by the Faithful Christian (Alleine) (SDG)

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications

What does it mean to overcome the world? What are the spiritual weapons used to gain victories in the Christian life? Richard Alleine uses 1 John 5:1–4 as his primary text to answer these questions and many more. After explaining the believer’s armor and his enemy, Alleine treats at length how Christians obtain the victory over the world in the fight of faith. This book is a reminder that the Christian life is not idle and that every second we are fighting in a spiritual war. If you find yourself a battle-weary saint striving to stay the course, take up this book to learn from this great Puritan pastor on how to suit up in the whole armor of God and be strong in the Lord.

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Richard Alleine (1611-1691) ministered in the city of Batcomb for more than twenty years until he was ejected in 1662 for non-conformity.  After being ejected, he preached in private homes and was fined on several occasions for holding services not sanctioned by the Church of England. As a preacher and pastor, he was greatly respected and very well-known for his pious, practical writings.