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Christian Consistency, The Formation of Character

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2 Volumes in 1

Christian Consistency by Rev. E. Mannering of Holywell Mount Chapel

Or, The Connection Between Experimental and Practical Religion Designed for Young Christians

As the health and morals of many a child have been ruined by unsound discipline; so the growth of many a babe in Christ has been slowed, and the vigor of his spiritual constitution impaired, as well by the unwholesome moral aliment he has eaten, as by the habits into which early training induced him to settle down.

Table of Contents:

  1. General Observations on Experimental and Practical Religion
  2. The Nature of the Christian’s Walk
  3. The Importance of the Christian’s Walk
  4. The Doctrine of the Gospel adorned by Christian Consistency
  5. The order of Divine Communications to the Souls of Men, and the use to be made of the Word of God
  6. Blessings to be realized, and the means of obtaining them
  7. The Christian’s desire to walk in God’s Statutes
  8. Rules to be observed for the promotion of Soul Prosperity
  9. The Christian, by abiding in Christ, is supplied with influence and strength for the discharge of his Obligations
  10. Abiding in Christ secured by Divine teaching
  11. Indications of Character, and Exhortations to Consistency
  12. Appeals and Invitations to timid and doubting Christians

Formation of Character: Twelve Lectures Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church by B. M. Palmer

This is a series of lectures addressed to young people on a variety of pertinent topics.

Table of Contents:

  1. Youth, the Formative Period
  2. Elements which Enter into Character
  3. Influence of Piety in Forming Character
  4. Obligation Arising from a Pious Ancestry
  5. Obligation Arising from the Trusts of Life
  6. Obstacles to Piety in the Young
  7. Choice of Amusements
  8. Sin of Profane Swearing
  9. Sin of Sabbath-Breaking
  10. Intemperance and Sins of the Flesh
  11. The Sin of Gambling
  12. The Scriptures, Our Rule