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A Marvelous Ministry: How the All-Round Ministry of Charles Hadden Spurgeon Speaks to Us Today

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications

Of all the great preachers of Victorian Britain, Charles Haddon Spurgeon continues to exercise a profound influence over one hundred years after his death in 1892. His sermons and other publications are being reprinted and now circulate even more widely than in his lifetime.

This collection of essays highlights various aspects of his remarkable life and ministry. Spurgeon emerges as a person of warm humanity, a passionate evangelist, a controversial Mr. Valiant for Truth, and a social activist of decided political convictions.

At point after point Spurgeon, though now with the Church triumphant, speaks to the Church today and calls her to a new commitment to the gospel of grace. As Dr. Timothy George says in his foreword, 'In our own era of compromise and concession, we need urgently to heed Spurgeon's appeal. The price of theological integrity, like that of liberty, is eternal vigilance.'

Table of Contents:
1. Spurgeon Speaks Today - Erroll Hulse
2. The Preacher's Progress - (a biography) - Geoff Thomas
3. Spurgeon and his Gospel Invitations - Erroll Hulse
4. Spurgeon and his Social Concern - David Kingdon
5. Spurgeon and the Downgrade Controversy - David Kingdon
6. Spurgeon and his Activity in Political - Tim Curnow