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Human Nature in its Fourfold State (Boston)

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It is evident why Boston’s work enjoyed such popularity. So basic is his material, and so thorough his presentation of it, the Human Nature in its fourfold State speaks to the spiritual needs of every reader.  For those who ask about the origin and meaning of human existence, Boston provides the biblical answer; for those who are confused about the Christian gospel, Boston explains its meaning and its power.

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Table of Contents:

I. The State of Innocence

1. Man’s Original Righteousness

II. The State of Nature

1. The Sinfulness of Man’s Natural State

2. The Misery of Man’s Natural State

3. Man’s Utter Inability to Recover Himself

III. The State of Grace

1. Regeneration

2. Mystical Union Between Christ and Believers

IV. The Eternal State

1. Death

2. Difference Between the Righteous and the Wicked in Their Death

3. The Resurrection

4. The General Judgment

5. The Kingdom of Heaven

6. Hell


‘If there is one book that more than any other stands out as representative of the best of our Scottish religious classics it is Human Nature in its Fourfold State,’ — JOHN MACLEOD.


Thomas Boston (1676–1732) was a Scottish church leader. He was educated at Edinburgh, and licensed in 1697 by the presbytery of Chirnside. In 1699 he became minister of the small parish of Simprin, where there were only 90 examinable persons. His autobiography is a record of Scottish life, with humorous touches, intentional and otherwise. His books, The Fourfold State, The Crook in the Lot, and his Body of Divinity and Miscellanies, had a powerful influence over the Scottish peasantry.