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The Priesthood of Christ: Its Necessity and Nature (Owen)

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John Owen is noted for taking themes that those who had gone before had often wrestled with and write with clarity and depth. He does the same here with The Priesthood of Christ. Having studied the Book of Hebrews in great depth and written a world renowned commentary on it, John Owen is able to give us a comprehensive guide to this important theme. He explains how the Old Testament pillars of the Law and the Covenant relate to Christ's office of Priest. Includes an introduction from Sinclair B. Ferguson.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Office of Priesthood
  2. The Origin of the Priesthood of Christ
  3. The Priesthood of Christ – Its Origin in the Counsel of God
  4. Federal Transactions Between the Father and the Son
  5. The Priesthood of Christ – Its Necessity on the Supposition of Sin and Grace
  6. Did Christ Suffer What Sinners Should Have Suffered?
  7. The Necessity of the Priesthood of Christ
  8. The Nature of the Priesthood of Christ
  9. The Nature of the Priesthood of Christ
  10. The Acts of the Priesthood of Christ
  11. Prefigurations of the Priesthood and Sacrifice of Christ



John Owen (1616–1683), amongst the best known of the Puritans, was an English Puritan who served as vice-chancellor of Oxford University and pastor of congregations in Coggeshall and London. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day. 



"Probably no theologian in English language has ever rivaled Owen stressing the absolute centrality of Christ's penal substitution and therefore his as Priest...For that reason alone The Priesthood of Christ is worth all the time it takes to read it with humility, care, and reflection" - Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina