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The Person of Christ (Owen)

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Christian Focus Publications

John Owen sought to illustrate the mystery of divine grace in the Person of Christ. Regarded as one of the most important post-Reformation works, Owen's Christology illustrates the mystery of divine grace in the Person of Christ.


Amongst the best known of the Puritans, John Owen (1616-1683) was a profound and thought provoking pastor-theologian. His writings continue to be widely read and greatly appreciated to this day.


I don't always read the same book five times, but when I do, it is this one by John Owen. If there is a richer book on Christology in the English language, I am not aware of it.

Mark Jones, Minister, Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), Vancouver, Canada


The Apostle Paul told Timothy to "rightly divide" the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). He meant more than simply cutting it into paragraphs and chapters of course, though that can be a useful aid to understanding. John Owen's magnificent book on the person of Jesus Christ rightly handles the word about Truth Himself, in the midst of much confusion and controversy. And this edition presents that teaching in a helpfully divided up format - with chapter headings and simplified structures - that make it even more of a joy to read. This is not a superficial book, and superficial Christians will not read it. But those that do can expect meaty theology and practical piety of an exhilarating and challenging kind.

Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society, and Adjunct Lecturer in Church History, Union School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales


John Owen's The Person of Christ is the richest book on Christology I have ever read and one to which I return on a regular basis. Systematic in scope and doxological in aim, Owen's treatise is impossible to read without having one's mind enlarged and one's heart enamored by the glory of Jesus Christ. The new Christian Focus edition, makes the argument more transparent through the introduction of headings-all the while preserving Owen's rewarding content without abridgement-will be a great benefit to contemporary readers. Take up and read, and relish in the glory of Christ!

Scott R. Swain, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida


Provides us with an extended exposition of the wonder of forgiveness.

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Associate Preacher, St. Peter's Free Church, Dundee