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The Heavenly Footman: How to get to Heaven (Bunyan)

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Christian Focus Publications
  • Includes an introduction from J. I. Packer

  • Inspiring a new generation to experience the delights of Puritan Literature.

  • Based on the text 'so run that ye may obtain' (1 Cor 9v24)

Throughout Bunyan's great allegories his prime concern was that people would be able to discern the way to heaven. The 'Footman' is an athlete dogged in the pursuit of 'winning' the race.

Bunyan wants us to be able run the race of the Christian life and finish the course so that we might all meet in Heaven. As he states in this book:- 'Farewell, I wish our souls may meet with comfort at the journey's end.'

Based on the text 'so run that ye may obtain' (1 Cor. 9:24), Bunyan's terse and racy style gives us vital guidance on how to complete the journey. This is regarded as one of the classic texts to have come from the Puritan era on Christian living. Bunyan is well known for his perceptiveness in describing human motivation and thought processes with discernment as he gives us the 'description of the man who gets to heaven.'

Table of Contents:


An Epistle to All the Slothful and Careless People

The Heavenly Footman

1. The Doctrine of the Text

2. The Word Run Opened

3. Several Reasons for Clearing this Doctrine

4. Nine Directions How to Run

5. Nine Motives to Urge Us On in the Way

6. Nine Uses of this Subject

7. Provocation (to Run with the Foremost)

8. A Short Expostulation



John Bunyan (1628-1688) was born the son of a metalworker near Bedford, England. He went on to become a famous preacher and writer and during his life penned over 2 million words, his most famous work being ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’.



"This is true, heartsearching, heartwarming John Bunyan on full throttle" - J I Packer ~ Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada